Thursday, August 30, 2007


I hope this plate is referring to Eddie Stanky who played for the NY Giants
and not to the smell of the occupants of this car!
Too bad... I guess we'll never know....
what's your vote?
Or is this referring to something else?

plate submitted by: Jessica

Tuesday, August 28, 2007


What does this plate say?

plate submitted by: Lisa


Random name plate... or maybe it's a secret call sign for someone...

Plate submitted by: Kim

Saturday, August 25, 2007


Exactly what I thought when I saw this plate today...

Thursday, August 23, 2007


You don't really have to worry about the person who can read this license plate, it's the ones who's eyes are closed that you should really be worrying about...
maybe they should make audible license plates that yell out loudly what they are saying... then we wouldn't be wondering about what all these plates mean ;-)

plate submitted by: Lisa


It's always good to know the name of the nurse in front of you in case of an emergency...

plate submitted by: TyBo!


The real question I want to know is how funny is this plate?

plate submitted by: Daniela


Princess Kim... I think it says?

plate submitted by: Kiraa

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


What does this person do when Bush isn't President anymore?
That's my question. Or maybe this person is just a fan of foliage :-)

plate submitted by: Rich

and I rather not get into any President bashing on this post, so be nice :-)


Ease up everybody... just ease up...

plate submitted by: Daniela


Yeah... why put this on your car?

Plate submitted by: Daniela


And what is this car trying to communicate to us?

plate submitted by: Justin


Now this plate could be a random collection of generated numbers and letters... or a customized plate... the fact that I can't figure it out, makes it frustrating in itself... what are your thoughts?

plate submitted by: Justin


Basketball basics, Baseball basics, uh.... something.... what do you think?

plate submitted by: Justin


And then there's the "Please Pray Plymouth"...
I left the whole image in here, because I thought it was interesting how patriotic they were and they were even parked between 2 flags!

But, don't get me wrong... I'm all for prayer... I pray everyday...
and prayer does amazing things :-) Hopefully for this Plymouth too...

plate submitted by: Daniela


Ok... who has a theory on this one?

plate submitted by: Daniela


I wonder if this person's car was as big as a boat?

plate submitted by: Daniela


uh... not too sure on this one... any thoughts, random call signs,
or other explanation that I'm missing ;-)

plate submitted by: Daniela


Don't worry... it's just me

plate submitted by: Daniela


When I first saw this plate, I thought E Coli...
but I sure hope that wasn't their intent!

plate submitted by: Daniela


Are they singing us a song here?

plate submitted by: Daniela


Was the car beautiful our it's driver?
Or maybe they are saying I'm beautiful :-)

plate submitted by: Daniela


plate submitted by: Daniela

Saturday, August 18, 2007


I have a confession to all my readers...
as you may or may not know, this last week I went down to a conference near Palm Springs... to get there, me and my 3 friends had to borrow a car. We tried for a long time to find a car and were a little concerned when it was Sunday morning and we were leaving in a few hours and still no car. Thankfully, though, at the last moment, we were able to find a car and were much relieved...
The first time we stopped for food on our way, however, I noticed something shocking...
our car had a personalized license plate!

I think it says "For Dad for our two".
But the previous owner of this car had 3 kids
and the current owner has 4 kids
and the 4 of us in the car for the week have no kids!


Ok, I am a Christian, and I love the Lord very much.
But, why say "Lambs Blood" on your car?
Come on now... this is a little strange!

I know that many of you readers may not be of the same beliefs as me... if you have any questions to the actual meaning of being "covered in the blood of the lamb" please feel free to email me and I will expound upon it... just know... it has nothing to do with your car but refers to Jesus dying on the cross and his blood covering your sins. Jesus is often describes as the "lamb of God" in the Bible.


Kim, my wonderful friend living in grand 'ol Hollywood...
has supplied me with another gem of a plate here


The owner of this car apparently either
loves to be Mrs. Z
or loves 2 Beamers...
I couldn't decide :-)


Now what is this person trying to tell us?
Bits of what? Huh?

plate submitted by: Dawn


Good job, Dawn, on finding this Global explorer...
I was wondering where he had gone


And then this one...
not sure what this person is trying to communicate...

plate submitted by: Daniela


3 Kids and a wife I suppose this thoughtful driver is letting us know:

You'll have to trust me, that's what it says... wasn't the best quality picture, but I tried!

plate submitted by: Daniela


Daniela has been keeping me well supplied of frustrating plates from different states :-)
Here are some more from her:

Why put that on your car? Come on now!


Kiraa sent in another plate this week...

Apparently the car in front of her was a blockade... unless anyone has a different guess?


RICH in Texas sent me this plate...

Ummmm.... any bish? What's a bish?
How about any guesses?

Friday, August 17, 2007

I'm Still here...

Do Not Worry Faithful LIC2RNT readers...
I have not disappeared or been the victim
of too many frustrating plates ;-)

I was gone at a conference for a week with limited internet access but I have returned.
Thank you to all who have emailed me plates,
I have received them and will get them up soon.
So check back in the next couple of days!

Thanks :-)


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Friday, August 10, 2007


License to Rant reader, Justin, submitted this picture and is wondering if any other readers have some guesses on its meaning...


Another plate from my wonderful friend Kim in Hollywood:


Kim in Hollywood sent me this plate:

Tuesday, August 7, 2007


I really have no clue about this one... any ideas?

plate submitted by: Daniela


UMMM..... Tree Fan?

plate submitted by: Daniela


Love to touch what?

plate submitted by: Daniela


Ok... Did Ruth win a Buick?
I wouldn't want to win a Buick...

plate submitted by: Daniela


Got some new plates in from Daniela...
Here are some frustrating names:

Wednesday, August 1, 2007


Olivia sent me this plate... and if you don't know me, my nickname is Kj so this plate was very amusing to me... frustrating, yes, but amusing!


I usually crop plates when I post them, but the look of confusion in the reflection on Myles' face was too priceless! Click on the picture to see it larger.
Thanks, Dawn, for the picture.

And in case you were wondering...
the occupants of this car are rad... or so they say :-)


Another plate from Kiraa...

I wonder how extensive this persons pink fetish is?