Saturday, August 18, 2007


3 Kids and a wife I suppose this thoughtful driver is letting us know:

You'll have to trust me, that's what it says... wasn't the best quality picture, but I tried!

plate submitted by: Daniela

4 Comments and Guesses:

Anonymous said...

That looks like a ham radio license number, issued by the FCC. Some people put them on their license plates.

baylink said...

It is, indeed, as is another one further down.

73 de KA1FJX

Boyd said...

And since the holder of that callsign lives in Pittsburgh (where Daniela also lives), I think this is pretty likely.

Tom said...

Yep! you're right. It is my Amateur Radio call letter plate.

1)The "K" means the license holder (me) is licensed in the US
2)The "3" indicates that the call sign was originally granted in the "3" call area (PA, DE, MD and DC). I am still in the PGH area.
3)The "WFN" means that I was the "WFNth" license of the series