Friday, May 30, 2008

The End has Come...

Well Blog friends and those frustrated by Vanity License Plate
world wide...

Here's the way it is: After taking a few days to focus on things apart from my blog, I have decided that those other things are more rewarding and more important. Therefore, as much fun as this blog has been, I have decided to quit ranting and start focusing more on other things.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the submissions from all over the United States, Canada, and even England... but this season is done. Bad License plate will continue to irritate me and I am sure people will still send me some every now and then... perhaps I will throw one up on my personal blog every now and then just to keep things interesting :-)

(Ha... even as I type this, someone submitted a plate to me!)

Thanks for the fun... you are welcome to follow me on my personal blog, if you like, although you may find it dramatically different then the content you see here.

I will leave this blog up for now in case you ever need a bad plate to view in the coming years :-)

So--- Goodbye LIC2RNT friends! I wish you well.
Try to not get too frustrated with all those License Plates!

1 Comments and Guesses:

FlagFreak said...

NO! I totally love this blog! I would love to try to keep this blog alive. If you need anyone to do anything to help this blog, call me!