Sunday, March 30, 2008


I was asked to not crop this picture because it was part of the whole effect...
I still don't get it

plate submitted by: Jerry

3 Comments and Guesses:

Silliyak said...

Hard to tell for sure ut I THINK it's 23skidou, which is an old phrase from the '20's.

Anonymous said...

it's 23 skidoo, which goes with the style of car. An old slang term for leaving quickly.

Anonymous said...

23 skidoo is a classic unreleased Otto Preminger film from 1968 with Jackie Gleason, Carol Channing and a cast of other aging film stars from the 50s.

It was an attempt to cash in on the current trend of hippie acid type films. Unfortunately everyone saw sense and buried it before release. A few prints made it out and it became a cult classic.

It may be a reference to this, or it may not be.