Friday, February 15, 2008


1.the part of an anchor that catches in the ground, esp. the flat triangular piece at the end of each arm.
2.a barb, or the barbed head, of a harpoon, spear, arrow, or the like.
3.either half of the triangular tail of a whale.

But why someone loves the tail of a whale so much to put it on their plate, I have no clue...

plate submitted by: Tim

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, vanitiy plates are bad enough, but then California and other states also let you pay extra for "special interest plates." Here's what the DMV says about this plate:
"The fees collected for the Whale Tail License Plates, sponsored by the California Coastal Commission, help protect and restore the priceless resources of California’s coast and ocean. Prominent environmental artist Wyland designed the auto, commercial and trailer plates. The motorcycle plate was designed by prominent environmental artist Christopher Wormell."
So this person is telling us in two ways that they love whales.
Big deal.