Friday, January 4, 2008


What kind of spy code is this?

plate submitted by: Joanie

2 Comments and Guesses:

Anonymous said...

This looks like it belongs to another gamer. ZOMG is another way to say oh my god, but with a z in front dont ask I dunno y. And Hax is short for hack as in someone hacking into a game.
Why someone would put this on their plate.. maybe they are a hacker... usally they like to keep that underwraps though. :p

Anonymous said...

Well a hacker is somebody who tweaks something so it works better for them, a cracker is somebody who breaks into bank accounts and the like. Hackers don't have anything to hide. (coming from a hacker) I personally laughed my head off when i saw this. In this context yes it would be somebody who hacked the game, if it truely is a gamer, and not just an IM-er. Crackers give us hackers a bad name, which is why i had to go through that speech, sorry.