Tuesday, November 27, 2007

ARRRMEN -- the real story.

The answer to the previous post of: ARRRMEN

Way to go
Bethany, for coming closest to the answer...
Although it's a bit more complicated. The whole story goes like this:

My Dad loves pirates and anything to do with them.
One of his favorite movies is
Treasure Island.
In Treasure Island, I beleive it's Long John Silver, who prays a prayer and at the end he says "Arrrmen".
Thus, my Dad decided that would be a great license plate :-)

However, he has decided to change his plate
and now wants it to say "Frozen" because he drives a Tundra
and he is a Green Bay Packer's fanatic and then he'd have his own frozen tundra...

I just shake my head...
don't worry... if that happens, I'll be sure to post that picture too!

1 Comments and Guesses:

Dad said...

I believe people have been using words to sum up and represent situations for years and years, these days we just put them on the things we drive. Issac's mom found laughter.

By the way why is your name KJAERE, just what does that mean?

Plates that say something, are creative, initials or names are simply vain.

I love you, Kjaere. - Dad (ARRRMEN)