Saturday, October 13, 2007


Who? What? Huh?

plate submitted by: Olivia

5 Comments and Guesses:

Gavin Elster said...

Save Them. The space for the whale tail was the only clue on this one.

This person is one of those hippies that thinks saving a whale will actually help mankind.
Whales can't refreeze the polar icecap now can they?

Time for a new cause hippy and get a damn bike while your searching for a new way to feign sympathy for something.

FlagFreak said...

Save 'Em!

clarece said...

I was thinking serve them, but the whale theory makes much more sense. Unless maybe it's a really proud waitress?

Anonymous said...

I was thinking "save Eminem" but I could be wrong, it's happen before.

Anonymous said...

Shiv(or shank or just frigin stab) them