Thursday, September 13, 2007


Wishful thinking... I'm sorry, your car is never going to be a diamond...
but maybe you could get the license plate surrounded in some?

This person actually painted the "Q" on the plate to
look like an "O". The license plate actually reads
"DIAMQND" I'm sure they were upset when they
realized that plate they NEED was taken long long ago.
But being the twisted obsessive compulsive they are
they just ordered the plate with a "Q" with full
intent to alter the plate.

plate submitted by: Brian

6 Comments and Guesses:

Gavin Elster said...

Not quite.
The truth is a little more sinister.
This persons plate is actually DIAM"Q"ND.
They hand-painted out the little squiggly part of the "Q".

I hope the cops catch em.

Kjaere said...

Oh wow, you're right... I have updated the post... people are so weird!

Tara Jones said...

HA! I know who owns the plate that actually says "DIAMOND". Her name is Gloria and she's a huge Neil Diamond fan. No joke. (She also used to me my mom's nail lady.)

Gavin Elster said...

If Gloria is getting mystery tickets she now knows where they are coming from!

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't it be illegal to modify your license plate that way?

Anonymous said...

Yep. it sure is.