Saturday, June 9, 2007

I have a problem...

Certain things bug me... for the most part I go with the flow and I am a content and happy person. This blog is thus set up to share with the world one of the biggest things that drives me crazy:


There are usually 2 issues that baffle me as I see people's plates:

#1 - I know you are trying to say something neat, but I have no clue what that letter combo makes


#2 - Why in the world would you put that on your car -- what's the point?

So, here is my first example of this issue:

Apparently this plate is supposed to say "scissors". I can understand that, so it passes my first issue... but WHY would you have a license plate that says this? errrrrrr

6 Comments and Guesses:

chris lazo said...

Heh heh!

What if I got a license plate that said:

My most annoying thing about cars is the blue underglo lights they get that light up the underneath of the street as they drive.

Angela White said... brother might have that plate just to taunt me and remind'll have to ask about the story some day! the way...Andy is SOOOOOOO with you on this...they don't really bug me at all...what bugs me is when people flip you off, then drive by...only for me to notice their "practice random acts of kindness and senseless acts of beauty" bumper sticker...TRUE STORY!

Kjaere said...

Oh man Chris... that would for SURE bug me!!!

That's funny Angela... I shall have to ask for that story someday and I'm glad me and Andy are on the same page.

Andy White said...

yes, i'm totally on board with you. i flat out DON'T get the custom plates. the thing that baffles me the most is that people actually pay MORE for these silly things every year when register their car!

Liv said...

the scissors plate may very well be a hairstylist...
now i personally wouldn't do that, but i know some who would

Ben said...

Yes, hairstylist.

Or one of those scissor collectors.